PCD Pharma Price List

We recommend calling at 8146701624 for PCD Pharma Price list as many people want to start their own PCD Pharma Franchise business. As we know everyone who makes up his mind to sell products of a PCD pharma company in his location, very first thing he asks for the PCD Pharma Price List and product list.

PCD Pharma Price list may include GST code, Tax percentage of each product.

Let’s understand how business model of PCD pharma companies is very unlike than other ethical and generic pharma companies who are selling their products in the market.


The PCD Pharma Company provides goods to you on net rate basis. And PCD pharma franchisee has the total responsibility to sell products in his area.  You can sell those products at any price as you want. However in any pharma industry in any ethical company the rates of products are fixed. (20% less from Maximum retail price or any other percentage). So you cannot change net rates or prices much.

Now in PCD Pharma Company you have to promote company’s products in your area and there are no medical representative working in the market on behalf of the company. It is the totally your responsibility to market and sell your products in your area. However in ethical pharma companies Medical representatives are provided by company only to promote and market its products in your area. So you don’t have to bear any expenses at your end for marketing and promotions.

PCD Pharma Franchise Company has very less control over price and net rates. They try to give as maximum profit as possible to franchisee. In this way company can established their brands in the market by giving discount to the distributors and it becomes a factor of popularity. However in ethical company there is a fixed minimum profit is given to you and there are so many distributors all over in the same market, so nobody has any monopoly rights for that area.

Why is product price list to important for PCD Pharma wholesaler and distributors?PCD Pharma Price List

After the receipt of PCD Pharma Price List any distributor is able to calculate his profit from the difference between MRP and net rate of the medicine at which he is receiving the medicine from the company.

It is important to calculate PTR means Price to Retailer and PTS means Price to Stockist but here are the steps to calculate his margin:

Let’s take an example of MRP of product is 100 rupees and net rate is 30 rupees.

Retailer 20% margin on 100 rupees MRP is 20 rupees.

Stockist 20% margin on 80 rupees is 8 rupees.

So now the profit you will get is 100-20-8-30 = 42 rupees without GST. This is an example to understand the calculation and not an exact calculation we can use for profit margin every time. For exact calculation you should also include the salary of employee, commission, or miscellaneous expenses and the percentage of GST like 12 or 18% depends upon type or nature of your business.

So if you want to promote and sell our products in your area then please contact us. Download Price List