How will GST impact PCD Pharma franchise Products and Industry?


GST ImpactPharma franchise Products and Pharmaceutical All we know that with the GST regime being effective from 1st July of 2017, many of you will be  wondering how GST will affect my business.  This  article is all about PCD Pharma Industry of which we are also one part. And most people are still not clear about so  many things about GST related to PCD Pharma companies. That’s why in this article we  will  discuss all those questions with credible answers. What is GST? Before  diving straight into how will GST effect PCD Pharma Products, let us first explain briefly what is GST and how it is different from  existing  Tax Regime of VAT and CST.  GST or (Goods and Services Tax) is a unified tax system that is introduced by BJP Government. It will replace all indirect taxes like VAT, CST & others. We will  demonstrate the  earlier tax regime and current tax regime with the help of an example in the next blog. Many people ask us to give them an example like  Levetiracetam 5ml injection in Chandigarh PCD pharma franchise.

You leave your job and take up a pharma-franchise of a reputed pharma company to be able to earn better than you used to. You hope that you will be able to attain the same sales that you used to and hence earn more. But not all pharma franchise distributors are successful.

With more than 400 franchisers all over India, we are successfully catering to demands of our clients by providing them with general as well as specialty divisions.

A Pharma Franchise business is getting complete monopoly rights of a pharmaceutical company for a particular area and then promoting that company. In this business a person enjoys complete monopoly rights of pharma products of that company with a huge margin of profits. Pharma franchise can also be called as Pharma pcd.

 GST impact - PCD Pharma franchise