Citicoline Injection 250mg/2ml

For more information calls us at +91-8146701624. Citicoline works for Alzheimer's disease and in few cases of dementia which is a supplement for our mental enhancement and better memory and thought process concentration.

Citicoline in Punjab | Telangana | Kerala | Andhra Pradesh |  Assam | Odisha and other states of India is available. Piracetam in Ludhiana | Mumbai | Delhi | Vijayawada | Surat | Warangal and other cities of India is available now.

Peoples know us as manufacturer of Citicoline which is located at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh with the name of Aster Pharma and Citicoline brand name in India is available with ASCOLINE.  Aster Pharma is leading Manufacturer & Exporters of Citicoline from our factory location at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. We normally sell Generic Citicoline with brand name ASCOLINE to the clients with the best quality.

We Supply Citicoline asCiticoline

  1. Citicoline  250mg per ml Injection ( 2ml Pack ) Available now in different sizes and packaging with ASCOLIN brand name.
  2. Citicoline  250mg per ml Injection ( 4ml Pack ) Available now in different sizes and packaging with ASCOLIN brand name.

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Customers may contact Aster pharma as a Citicoline manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Our company manufactures supplies, trade, and export premium quality Citicoline 5ml injection to our customer.

Our company is deeply occupied in offering a wide range of Citicoline 5ml injection with brand name ASCOLINE.

More Information about Citicoline with Brand Name ASCOLINE from Aster Pharma

  1. Specification: 250mg per ml (2/4ml packs available)
  2. Purity:   Not less than 99%.

Citicoline Sodium 250mg/ml Injection Item Code : ASCOLINE Injection For the sake of information we mentioned that Citicoline is chemical in our brain that occurs naturally in the body. And as a medicine, it is taken by mouth as an extra supplement or sometime it is given by IV or as a shot.